Frequently Asked Questions On Archery Wrist Sling

If you are an professional, intermediate, or an archer who practice from home, you know that archery wrist sling matters a lot. It helps a lot to hold the bow without a tight grip and provides a great way to practice without hurting your muscles too much.

In this article, you will learn about the purpose, attachments, and other stuff related to archery sling in the form of frequently asked questions.

Archery Wrist Sling
Archery Wrist Sling

Let's start with a question related article.

FAQ'S On Archery Wrist Sling

What is the purpose of bow wrist sling?

Bow wrist sling is an attachment for a bow. It is useful to hold the bow with a light grip. It provides a better way of handling and enhance the simple grip to a unique one. Bow sling wraps around the grip of the bow which helps to hold it without holding it hard. 

It is a good attachment from a beginners point of view. It helps them to practice longer sessions of archery without hurting their wrist too much.

How tight should a bow wrist sling be?

It should not be too tight that you can't pass your hand through it. It is a device which helps you to avoid bow dropping. So keep it little bit loose to properly hold the bow and avoid falling of the bow in accidental situations. A general rule is to keep is as loose as the bow don't fall after a follow through.

What is a finger sling archery?

A finger sling is used to grip the bow having two loops on either side. Put index finger in one loop and wrap the sling around the bow to the other loop with thumb. It is a alternative for bow wrist sling.

How do you use a bow sling?

For wrist sling, wrap around your sling around the bow. Make it a little bit loose to avoid any tension on the wrist. Don't wrap it too tightly as it will affect your grip.

For finger sling, pass index finger through one loop, wrap the sling around the bow and pass the thumb through another loop.

How do you make a finger sling for archery?

Take a fiber thread like a shoe lace or rope. Connect both ends with a knot so it will form a loop. Now from another loop on both ends of the bigger loop. Use your index finger and thumb to adjust the width. 

To use this sling, pass index finger from one loop and wrap the sling around the bow with another loop with thumb.

How much archery wrist sling cost?

Wrist sling cost for about $15 to about $30 but a high quality sling will cost about $45-$60.

How does a wrist sling work?

Wrap bow sling around the bow without too much tension. Put your hand through it and hold the bow with a firm grip. It will help to grip the bow with proper form and improve follow through.

That's all with the questions about archery wrist sling. I hope it helped to solve your queries. We will meet you in the next article and don't forget to share and subscribe to our newsletter for more archery related articles.

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