8 Awesome Blemished 3D Archery Targets To Buy

Searching for the best blemished 3D archery targets to buy in 2020? Then here is the full article dedicated to it.

It is a biased opinion and data-driven approach by archery hacks.

These targets are based upon:
  • Build Quality
  • Cost
  • Value for money
  • Long-lasting
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If blemished 3D archery  targets are not in your budget then there are many places where you can buy them at a cheap price. Or you can also find some cheap 3D archery targets.

For cheap archery targets you can prefer rinehart 3D and delta archery targets. Both these brands will also be in your budget and will also provide good quality.

Use these places to find the best and cheap targets for you.

  • Ebay

Ebay is a very good place to buy cheap targets. Keep in mind that you will find used products here and you will have to do some research before taking them. You have to check the delivery charges and time before ordering the products so that there is not much time to deliver. Buy only if you are happy and satisfied with your product. Because there is a lot of fake stuff on eBay too.

  • Local Clubs

You can also buy Cheap 3D Archery Targets from local archery clubs. There you will find only used products. Clubs buy new archery products and sell them when they become old. 

This can be a good chance for you to buy Archery targets.

  • Reddit

Many subreddits on Reddit are related to Archery. You can post whatever target you need. The special thing about Reddit is that you can buy any target there by talking to the owner.  

First of all, search for a target. For that you can look on Amazon or any other site. Now post that target in subreddits to find it in reddit. Those who will have that specific target, will give it to you if they have to sell it.

  • Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are also a good place to find archery targets. A lot of people are connected and chances of getting targets are also increased. Join more and more groups and post one there. That's all you have to do and you will get your targets.

Blemished 3D Archery Targets

1) Rinehart Targets Jimmy Big Tine BLEMISHED

 blemished 3d archery targets
Source: https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/prodimages/63200-DEFAULT-l.jpg


  • Solid Foam Body
  • Compatible with all type of bows
  • Best for deer hunting
  • H * L * W : 40 * 48 * 100 lbs

2) Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target

blemished 3d archery targets


  • 25% larger than other targets
  • Optimum for all type of bows
  • Have cosmetic blemishes
  • 31" at the shoulder

3) Delta Lil Mack Buck 3D Target

Source: https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/prodimages/50324-DEFAULT-l.jpg


  • Optimal to shot with broadheads
  • Large frame
  • Flexible ears
  • scoring

4) Big Shooter Bear Blemished 3-D Archery Target

blemished 3d archery targets


  • Weather Resistant
  • 1-Piece Target
  • Withstand broadheads and field points 
  • High Impact Foam


blemished 3d archery targets
Source: https://www.rinehart3d.com/catalog/1-3-scale-woodland-elk/


  • Solid Foam Target
  • Optimal Height
  • Compound bow compatible
  • Realistic design

6) Rinehart Woodland Boar Archery Target

blemished 3d archery targets
Source: https://www.mountain-archery.com/rinehart-woodland-boar-archery-target.aspx


  • Length 22'
  • Weight 75 lbs
  • Solid self-healing foam
  • Multi scoring rings available

7) Mule Deer 3D Archery Target

blemished 3d archery targets
Source: https://dmtargets.com/product/mule-deer-3d-archery-target/


  • Length 52"
  • Broadhead compatible
  • Universal Scoring Rings
  • Shoulder height 38"

8) Aoudad Pro 3D Archery Target

blemished 3d archery targets
Source: https://dmtargets.com/product/aoudad-pro-3d-archery-target/


  • Solid Foam Construction
  • Broadhead compatible
  • Universal scoring rings
  • DuraFlex foam 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does archery target last?

It depends on the quality of the archery target. The average life of an archery target is anywhere between 1 to 2 years. Expensive ones have long-lasting life up to 4 years on average.  

How much does an archery target cost?

An archery target may cost around $100 to $2000 depending upon the build quality and design. Cheaper ones are good to go for beginners. Don't try to demand expensive ones as they are not useful at all unless you are a professional. For cheap alternatives, you can also buy Rinehart 3d archery targets.

How do I build a cheap archery target?

Get PVC pipes or you can use bamboo to build an archery target. Make a stable base with PVC pipes and attach hooks on the roof of the basic structure to attach target. Target stand makes an archery session very productive for any beginner.

What type of foam is used for archery targets?

Polyethylene is used as a foam in archery targets. It is a polymer which can withstand broad heads and field points. It is also waterproof which makes it a better option in rainy season.

 I hope you like this article related to blemished 3D archery targets and feel free to comment down you best archery target picks.

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