Start Shooting Archery For The First Time

Start shooting archery if you want to learn. This is a sport that benefits you a lot. In this, you will have to use the capacity of your body, which will also increase your focus power and your mind will be controlled.

Everyone can learn archery, all they need is a starting point and a little guidance.

 Today in this article I will share some ideas that will help you a lot in starting Archery. You yourself will understand where you have to start and what you do wrong.

Start shooting archery
Start Shooting Archery

Start Shooting Archery

The first question that comes to the mind of any beginner is that can I learn archery by myself?

Yes, it is possible that you can learn archery by yourself. You don't have to do much. You just have to keep in mind that if you want to learn by yourself, then you have to practice more because there is no one to guide you.

What things do you need to learn archery by yourself, I will tell you through this post and will guide you in a right direction.

Size of the bow

How do you find the bow size? To know this, you have to look at some charts. These charts will help you find the bow size.

 You can find the bow size in two ways. One according to the draw length and the other according to your height.

 To see the size finding charts, you can check by visiting this site, they have created an easy guide which is very effective for beginners.

If you do not know about draw length then continue to read the article.

Draw Length 

Draw length is a very important factor in archery. The draw length tells us what size arrow we should use. 

If your arrow is too short, then it will not be able to reach your head while drawing the bow. That's why draw length plays an important role to determine the length of arrow.

How to calculate draw length,

To calculate the draw length, first stand in front of the wall and form T shape. Now measure the distance from one middle finger to the other middle finger. 

Now divide this distance by 2.5 and you will get an estimated draw length. 

For accurate draw length, you can use this draw length calculator.

Where to Shoot

If you are a beginner then you should make an archery range in the backyard for an archery shoot or you can also go to practice in a public land. But keep in mind that no one comes wherever you practice because if you hit someone with an arrow then you break the archery laws.

There is already a guide related to making backyard archery range and archery target stand, you can go there and learn about them.

Bow and arrow cost

The more expensive you make archery, the more expensive bow and arrow you will get. 

If you are a beginner, you will have to spend at least $500 to get a good bow and this price can also go up to $700-1000 for intermediates.

Bows of low quality can be brought even up to $100-200 dollars but their quality is very poor and not usable.

Frequently asked questions

Is learning archery hard?

Archery is a sport that relies on skills. It takes appropriate time and practice to improve skills. So you can understand that the more you practice, the more skills will be improved and your focus will also go to a different level. 

So practice as hard as you can and you will automatically become a better player.

Is archery a good hobby?

Of course Archery is a very good hobby. Archery improves the overall focus of your body and puts a positive effect on your health. 

A very good archer has said that archery is a kind of yoga, which increases the coordination and balance of your entire body.

When should I start archery?

To learn archery shooting, you should handle the weight of the bow. Any child between 8 and 10 years old can handle the weight of the bow made according to it. So anyone can start learning archery from his childhood.

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