How to shoot a longbow: Keep only 3 steps in mind

How to shoot a longbow? So let's solve this problem in this article today. First we will get to know a little about longbow and then discuss some important things to shoot.

Longbow is a traditional bow. It was mostly used in ancient times. It is named longbow because it is as tall as the height of the archer. This bow was used for hunting in the old times and it is rarely used in today's time.

In ancient times technology was not used to make it, yew wood was used. It was made from a single wooden piece and at that time it was a deadly weapon for hunting.

The Longbow is very stiff and heavy and is also very long, due to which it is difficult to shoot. If we look at the recurve bow, its curved limbs generate torque and it is also light weight, so it is a little easier to shoot the recurve bow. In this post we will learn to shoot longbow as it is a bit difficult.

How to shoot a longbow
How to shoot a longbow

How to shoot a longbow

To shoot with this, keep only 3 steps in your mind and you will not face any problem in mastering it.

1) Longbow and recurve bow are almost the same in shooting. The longbow's limbs are straight and the revurve bow is curved. This is the difference between longbow and recurve. So there is nothing confusing in this. Many people think that longbow is very different from revurve bow and that is why they are unable to learn to use longbow. So you remove this thing from mind that there is a lot of difference between recurve and longbow.

2) Longbow does not have an arrow hook to shoot. Inside it, a shelf is made which is like V shape and with this help the arrow is shot. To place the arrow in the shelf, the bow has to bend at 45 degrees and then the bow has to be drawn to anchor and shoot. And there are many longbows that do not even have a shelf. So in these you have to place the arrow using the finger. It will take a lot of time to learn, you have to practice it.

3) Longbow is difficult to shoot because you cannot judge aim and distance. In this, you have to bend and draw at 45 degress and shoot as soon as you hit the anchor. In this, you only have to pay attention to the target. Your focus should not be on the arrow. In order to do proper aim, only practice and skills matter.

And that's what how to shoot a longbow. So see how easy it was to shoot.

Frequently asked questions

How powerful is a longbow?

Longbow has been used for hunting since ancient times. Their arrows were made of very solid steel and were also very heavy. So the longbow can easily rip a steel armor. It has been a deadly weapon of our history.

Are longbows good for hunting?

Longbows have been used for hunting for a long time. And these bows are stable and have the ability to hit easily over a considerable range. So yes these bows are a perfect choice for hunting.

What is the maximum range of a longbow?

Longbows can be used effectively up to 50–80 yards. These bows are quite stable and heavy and can cover a fair distance. Longbows can also reach a maximum distance of 150-180 metres.

What size Longbow should I get?

Longbows are generally as high as Archer's height. So you can buy as much as your height, but if you cannot handle it comfortably, then you can take a small bow, but do not take too small.

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