Best Recurve Bow For Target Shooting 2020

best recurve bow for target shooting 2020
Best recurve bow for target shooting 2020 

A recurve bow is a traditional bow with the basics of the limbs, the riser and the strength which makes it best recurve bow for target shooting. 

Recurve bows store energy when at full draw and helps to hit the farthest distance possible depending upon the energy it stores. 

There are stabilisers on the bow which helps to hold the bow still at your anchor point

These bows make a better option to practice archery indoors as well as outdoors. 

Best Recurve Bow For Target Shooting

1) Spyder XL 64 inches Takedown Recurve Bow

It is 64 inches takedown bow which comes with a feature to change the length of the draw weight within a certain range. 

Recurve bow made from maple or redwood and fibreglass. 

This bow has a draw weight range of 30-35 pounds with 28 inches draw length. 

It is the best recurve bow for beginners as it is high quality, affordable, durable and strong. 

If you are looking to buy your first bow then it is a great choice. 

2) Martin Archery Freedom Recurve Right Hand Bow

Martin Archery is one of the recurve bow brands which makes perfectly crafted bows for beginners as well as professionals. 

It is a 62 inches bow in length and made up of wood laminate and fibreglass. 

It has a draw weight between 35-65 pounds and it weighs only 2 pounds. 

Martin archery freedom recurves right-hand bow is perfect for people in the range of 24 inches draw length. 

This bow is better brought by someone who is experienced with shooting as well as hunting. 

3) Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

It is a 62 inches takedown recurve bow made up of wood and hard maple. 

Samick sage recurve bows come with the adjustable draw weight ranging from 25-60 pounds with 3-4 pounds of bow weight. 

Samick recurve bow is one of the best with an affordable price and great durability which makes it easy to learn for new archers. 

4) PSE Blackhawk

PSE Blackhawk is the best for the hunt or for archery target fun. This bow has a classic one-piece construction with a wide range of draw lengths. 

It is a 60 inches one-piece laminated hardwood recurve bow with laminated hardwood riser. 

It comes with the draw weight of 35-50 pounds with Brace height of 7-7.5 inches. 

It is known to be the best bow for beginners. 

5) PSE Coyote Recurve Bow

PSE Coyote Bow is entry-level recurve bow made for hunting and target shooting and it is one of the best recurve bow in the world. 

It comes with takedown limbs used with fast flight bowstrings. 

It is a 60 inches recurve hunting bow made of machined aluminium which makes it lighter than compound bows

PSE Coyote comes with the adjustable draw weight ranging from 40-45 pounds with 28 inches of draw length. 

6) Spirit 66 Takedown Recurve Bow

Spirit 66 bow is a great bow for beginners under the height of 5'7" with affordable price. 

It is a 66 inches bow made up of strong fibreglass limb and maple laminations with a draw length of 22-28 inches. 

It comes with a draw weight of 22,26,30 and 34 pounds.

7) Hoyt Buffalo Hunting Recurve Bow 

Hoyt Buffalo designed by master Bowyer Fred Eichler made from deflexed, machined aluminium with a laminated wood grip. 

It is a 60 inches takedown recurve bow designed for hunting and target shooting. 

Hoyt bow comes with a draw weight of 45,50 and 55 pounds with a bow weight of 3.2 pounds. 

This bow is recommended for archers will all level of experience and preferably best for adult male archers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What bow to buy for a beginner? 

It depends on person to person or there are a lot of bows with different functionality. If you are a beginner then here are some of the bows you can buy. 

a) Fibreglass Bows

Fibreglass bows are very cheap bows with a basic design which are suitable for young kids. These bows are not accurate which makes them a good option for beginners. 

b) PVC Bows

Making your own PVC bow will be a great and cheap option for beginners. They are very cheap bows with less accuracy but are traditional bows with a great history. 

c) Recurve Bows

Recurve bows are popular bows for beginners and one of the most common bows. These bows can be one-piece or takedown and the generic design makes them a better option for beginners to easily learn and use. Recurve bows are the best bow for target shooting. 

d) Target Bows

Target bows are also known as "Olympic" bows. These bows are made of aluminium and carbon with special attachments like sights and stabilisers. Target bow is great for freestyle competition. 

e) Compound Bows 

Compound bows are also known for the great mechanical design with cams and limb design. They are good for high precision and velocity which make them better for target shooting and hunting. 

A compound bow is easy to learn due to its design and stability

2) Should I get a recurve or compound bow? 

Compound bows come with mechanical precision which makes them great for the consistent bullseye. Good for beginners for immediate results and focus on accuracy. 

Recurve bows come with natural simplicity with a longer learning curve. Recurve bows focus on the form which makes them very difficult to learn by beginners. 

3) How do I choose a recurve bow? 

First of all, choose draw length. For example, if your draw length is between 22-28 inches then go for a 60-66 inches bow. 

For simple understanding, measure the distance from the tip of the middle finger to another tip by forming T-Shape by your arms. Minus 15 from that length and divide it by 2 to find draw length. 

Now add 40 to the draw length and here is your overall size of the bow. 

4) What draw weight should I get for a recurve bow? 

Hold the bow at full draw for about 30 seconds without significant shake. It will help you yo choose s bow with the ideal draw weight. If you notice any shaking before 30 seconds then it is not an ideal bow for you. This will help to choose the best recurve bow for target shooting. 

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