Archery Target Stand Plans PVC: Best But Not Expensive

Archery Target Stand Plans
Archery Target Stand Plans

Today in this article you learn about how to build an archery target stand plans. Let's move your way to build the target stand. This is the cheap and effective stand for beginners to practice worth worthy archery sessions. To be honest, there are a lot of great alternatives for this DIY compound bow stand for better-aiming skills. Use this model if you are beginners and want to save some bucks.

It is a bow target used for the proper aim and practice. You can make these stands at home or buy it from the shops. So at this moment, you will do it yourself using PVC pipes and some other affordable materials.


1) Empty horse feed bags or any other bag.
2) Clear PVC cement.
3) Six 90 degrees angles.
4) Two T's.
5) Two 20 and 10 feet half-inch sections of PVC pipe.

 Archery Target Stand Plans

The base of the compound bow stand should be 2 feet wide so cut two 2 feet sections of the PVC pipe and clean the edges using sandpaper. Make sure the edges are soft and clean.

Now cut two 1 foot sections for long sides of the base and clean the edges using sandpaper. Connect these sections using two t's and two feet sections using 90 degrees angles.

Now connect all the sections using 90 degrees angles and two T's.  After that, you can use sand in PVC pipes if the base is not stable or you can keep it as it is.

Now cut the 10 feet section into two halves for the risers of the upright portion of the archery target stand PVC. And make sure to adjust the height according to your preference.

Build the top portion using PVC pipes by measuring the distance between both sides to use as a support for target or aim.

Take the bag and make archery target aim on that and use some hooks to attach the target bag inside the frame. You can use some s hooks for that.

At last glue the whole frame with clear PVC cement and keep it aside for few hours. Make sure to glue the upright portion also just to make the frame more stable and hinder the flow of wind or force generated by arrows on the target.

Some tips to remember

1) Use sand inside PVC pipes to withstand the natural forces like force applies by wind, arrows, etc.
2) Make sure to glue the upright portion also to provide stability to the frame.
3) Use bags as a target to save your money or you can go for foam targets if you can afford some bucks.

Frequently asked questions 

How do you make a target stand for archery?

To build a target stand, first of all, make its basic structure. Such as his lateral sides, base and roof. You can do modifications in it according to yourself. Like we can hook it up to hang the target from the roof in the stand or tie it to the rope as well. The stand can also be made of PVC pipes or can be made of wood. There are many techniques from which a target stand can be made.

What is the center of an archery target called?

The middle point of the Archery target is called Bull's Eye. A simple means of this is that in any competition, you get the most points of bull's eye and all archers practice it very much. 

The one who has learned to hit bull's eye is called a good archer and has the ability to play big tournaments.

How do I build a cheap archery target?

There is nothing like cheap archery target. All you need is a stand according to practice. If you are beginner, you can make a basic structure of a stand with PVC pipes or from wood to learn. To make the target of the stand, you put foam or any material in a plastic bag so that the arrow gets stuck in it.

If you have a small budget, then you can make the basic structure yourself and you can buy a target by not having a plastic bag.

I hope you like this awesome archery target stand plans. There are a lot of great stands than this one, I will share them later in future for better aim target and skill-building so stay tuned for that. If you have any queries then feel free to comment below or contact us on our email address.

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