Archery Practice: How to Fix Mistakes

Archery is a skill based sport and if we practice the techniques incorrectly then it is difficult to improve. Archery practice corrects these techniques by which skills also get a different level.

Those who are beginners in the archery do many mistakes like wrong holding of bow, wrong address of anchor point and many other mistakes. This article has been written to correct all these mistakes.

Archery Practice
Archery Practice

Archery Practice: Fix Mistakes

These are the mistakes that most beginners do. If you also do these mistakes or not, keep reading this article.

Incorrect Anchor Point

Anchor point is very important for aiming in the archery and also helps you a lot in adjusting your aim. Many beginners find it difficult to find anchor points and they do a lot of mistakes that they should not do. So let's see what they mistake and how to fix.

The beginners mostly forward the neck to touch the bowstring at the nose while drawing the bow, causing their aim to be missed. Or a mistake that their anchor point is not stable means that they do not have a point fixed so that releasing the arrow will strike in their mind.

Most of the mistakes also happen that some people hold the bow very tighlty which makes their shots inconsistent and their mistsake prevents them from improving their skills.

How to improve?

 Archery practice for correct anchor point, you can use a kisser button.The kisser button will help you take one shot after the other without missing the anchor point. Keep in mind that the size of the kisser button should not be too big and too small.

There is another mistake which is very common. If you do not know the position of placing the thumb, then let us tell. There is a tendon near the neck where you have to place your thumb. If you could not find that tendon, then relax the thumb towards the palm.

You can also touch the string with the nose for the anchor point. This is a very effective anchor point. Note that you do not forward the neck to touch the bowstring.

Bad Stance 

A proper stance is very important in archery. Generally, the back has a huge role to properly perform the archery stance. Lower back stabilizes your body and keeps your posture steady.

To correct your stance, first you take a short jump. Now whatever position you have touched the ground, the same form is stable for you. Keep in mind that while jumping you should stand in the perpendicular direction of your target. 

Now rotate your front foot slightly towards the target and keep the lower back tight. This is the proper archery stance for you.

If you practice stance well then it will improve your posture and many studies have proved this.


Whenever an archer takes a shot, then after every shots, if he does not take time, then his muscles quickly become tired or collapsing. The rhomboids muscles of the back get torn by taking continuous shots after which you leave the practice.

To fix this, you have to take a proper time after every shot so that your muscles get enough time to recover. You can also massage your back muscles after archery practice, which will allow the muscles to recover quickly.

Frequently asked questions

What makes a bow accurate?

You make your bow accurate. When you give full time to practice without any restriction, then your skills are improved. These skills help you in aiming. Archery's practice sessions combine small things to make your bow accurate. Bow can never be perfect without his owner's skills.

How do you pull a bow string?

You have to find the size of the arrow before you pull or draw the bow string. The size of the arrow can be found by finding the draw height or by finding the bow size. After that, for a perfect draw or pull, you will have to find the anchor point so that you can aim to pull the bow as well as target aim.

Why is my bow shooting inconsistent?

If you are a beginner, then most of the time you will make the mistake that you will hold the bow tightly or your anchor point will not be right. To fix this, work on your posture. If the posture is fine, you will have no problem holding the bow and you can see this anchor point in archery guide to find the anchor point.

Is archery physically demanding?

Yes, archery is a physically demanding sport. Archery requires a lot of body muscles, mostly back muscles. By practicing regular archery, these muscles are used to the archery and your skills gradually improve.

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