What Is 3d Archery Shoot [For Beginners]

3d archery shoot
3d Archery Shoot

What is 3d archery? This article will solve your queries about 3d shoots and you will gain some important facts to prepare for this event.

What is 3d archery?

First of all, 3d archery is nothing but a form of archery in which an archer practice archery in an open field like a golf player. In this format, 3d targets are prefered like deer, bear, turkey, etc.

When I hear something about this format, a memory flashes into my mind. A few years back I participated in this event and noticed some guys who are using rangefinders and a guy shaved his point so his son could win.

Is this true that 3d shoots have no rules and regulations?

I think this is kind of a tough question to answer. It depends on the association organising this event. If you are shooting for fun then it's okay but for the competition, you have to follow rules like no use of rangefinders, same accessories for everyone, etc.

How to shoot a field archery target?

The field archer's greatest challenge is to shoot from different terrains, different angles, and different targets. Read those challenges well and apply logic to it.

Field archery shooting can be difficult if you are not familiar to outdoor hunting. It needs skills and patience to perform this event properly.

Let's say you have a target around 60 metres away on a hill and you have to shoot it down using a longbow or recurve bow.

The first step for this to observe different angles and terrains for a perfect shot. Use your logic to estimate the movements of the target and it is the most important step.

Keep your movements slow and avoid producing any noise as this will alert your target. Take your aim and draw your bow till it reaches the perfect anchor point. Shoot your target by predicting the behaviour of the target.

What is the best 3d archery target?

3d archery targets are beneficial for shooting in field archery. They act as a real animal species and shooting skills can improve a lot. Some archers suggest that shooting in the field give you more skills and accuracy than performing archery indoors.

The best 3d targets for archery are carbon express shooting bucks, delta McKenzie aim bear, and Rinehart woodland turkey.

Draw weight for 3d archery shoot

Speed contributes a major role in 3d archery shoot. I shoot with 60lbs for 3d archery using light arrows and 70lbs for hunting archery.

From my point of view, speed doesn't matter always. 50lbs is enough weight for shooting 3d targets and it will also prevent shoulder injuries. But if you are a beginner, then shooting with 35-45lbs draw weight is fine for 3d shoot.

How do you score 3d archery?

we have the ten ring and this is used for all scoring for both IPO and ASA shooting and then we also have the long area which is an eight ring followed by the rest of the body that scores as a five.

In the centre of the ten rings, you have three ranks the middle one is scored for Ibo and is an 11 ring the other two rings are 12 rings and are scored for ASI shooting.

Most classes shoot the 12 rings on the first day at the bottom. All professional archers shoot the 12 rings on the lower side on the first day. Amateurs will shoot the 12 rings on the lower side on the first day and then some also shoot the 12 rings on the upper side on the second day. Besides, we also have a 14 ring that is used in play for amateurs as well as pros during the professional shoot.

What do you need for a 3d archery shoot?


Quality arrows are important in this event. You should bring around 5 to 6 arrows but in case you have some low-quality arrows, you can bring around 8 arrows. But just in case keep some extra arrows with you.


Binoculars are great for 3d shooting but keep in mind that most competitions allow only 8x binoculars. They are very useful in some cases and can be effective for aiming skills.

Water and Sunscreen

Carrying a water bottle is a great idea as it will make your body hydrated if the location is hot and dry. Sunscreen will also help you to stay away from harmful radiations coming out of the sun. So take water and sunscreen with you always.

This is a small article about 3d archery shoot and I hope you like it. Feel free to share your queries by comment or email. I would love to solve your doubts.

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