Shoot A Bow And Arrow Accurately Without Sights

Shoot A Bow And Arrow 

Shoot a bow and arrow
Shoot A Bow And Arrow

How to shoot a bow and arrow is a guide for beginners to get knowledge about shooting a bow with proper form. This article will make bow shooting better for you by some amazing facts and tips. 
This is a better guide for beginners to shoot a bow properly and other bow shooting parameters.
In this article, you will get knowledge about,
  • How to shoot a bow and arrow
  • How to shoot a bow and arrow accurately
  • How to shoot a bow without sights
  • What's the best way to shoot a bow
  • Can you shoot a bow in your backyard
This article is going to be around 1000+ words and after reading text from every corner you will get enough knowledge about bow shooting to learn as a beginner or intermediate.

Let's go.

How To Shoot A Bow And Arrow

This is initially the basic step to understand all about the shooting. Beginners make mistakes and find it pretty hard to progress. So have a proper overview of this step.


Firstly, the most important thing to go forward is to correct your stance.

Yes, stance matters a lot.


Stance will provide stability and strength for bow shooting.

Proper stance?

To attain proper stance, you just have to keep your feet shoulder-width apart and make sure to slightly kneel with your butt rest on your heels.


Next step is to work on handling a bow with proper grip.

How to hold a bow with proper grip?

To hold a bow with a better grip,
You have to rest your bow on the pad of your thumb, which is also known as the palmar crease.

Is this grip effective?

Yes, this grip is very effective because tension produced by palmar crease or pad of your thumb is very less compared to other areas of your thumb. This will lead to less torture to your bow.

Important tip: Try to use a thinner bow as they are more accurate and deals better against torture by the bad grip form.

Anchor point

You have learned enough about grabbing a bow. Now it's time to learn about drawing a bow. For this, you have to get knowledge about anchor point.

What is the anchor point?

Generally, the anchor point is nothing but a point where you direct your hand while drawing a bow. There are more than one or two anchor points used by archers but the basic and effective one is near the corner of the mouth.

Look, I have already written a detailed guide on the anchor point.

Don't Feel Nervous

Feeling nervous when you are shooting long ranges during practice sessions or hunting will provide a bad impact on your aiming skill.


This is because feeling nervous will block the supply of oxygen to the brain to some extent.
So, nervousness is equal to bad aiming.


When your bowstring reaches the anchor point, it's time to release. Many beginners find it difficult to release an arrow due to factors like bad anchor point, grip or stance.

The best way to release an arrow is to train your subconscious mind.


Just practice releasing the arrow just after hitting your anchor point. Yes, this is a very effective technique to train the subconscious mind or to increase accuracy while shooting.

These are some basic steps to shoot a bow and arrow for beginners.

Let's move on to the next topic.

How To Shoot A Bow And Arrow Accurately.

Accuracy is a key factor to improve your skills and keeps your confidence boost while practising sessions.

Here are some tips that will help you to shoot a bow accurately. 
  1. Keep your feet slightly less than shoulder-width apart.
  2. Make sure to use the thinner bow as a thinner bow can easily be gripped with less torture by your hand.
  3. Keep breathing even if you are nervous.
  4. Try to push your feet on the ground.
  5. Keep focusing on the arrow until it reaches the target.
  6. Build self-confidence and try to practice every shot with full boost.

How To Shoot A Bow Without Sights

Generally, shooting without sights can be achieved by using traditional bow, longbow, or even recurve bow.

Is it easy?

It is a difficult task to master because you are shooting at your target by just one factor keeping in your mind which is "estimation".

How to achieve this?

To shoot without sights, keep your stance perfect with consistent practice sessions. Perfect stance will allow you to stabilize your body which in terms results in better aiming.

Keep hitting back to back arrows at the target.

This is a very beneficial practising method to shoot without sights.

Just practice shooting at a faster pace, this will increase your reaction time and aim judgement skills.

What's the best way to shoot A Bow

Bow shooting depends on the way of practice and it is the best way to develop your shooting style.

How to develop?

  • Try to practice 10-20% more than your normal practice session.

  • Understand your body and bow mechanics.

  • Try to get inspiration from other famous archers.

  • Always stick to perfect form.

Can You Shoot A Bow In Your Backyard?

Backyard shooting is very risky in terms of bow shooting.


If you are living in the city or town, you may experience a lot of people crossing your backyard from time to time.

It is hard for you to practice as the chances of hitting an arrow increases.

Otherwise, in the countryside, there are almost no chances for any risk of hitting an arrow.

So, if you are trying to shoot a bow in the backyard and read your area laws about backyard shooting.

Conclusion: This is how to shoot a bow and arrow guide for beginners. If you learnt something then feel free to share your queries with us by email or comment on this post.

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