PSE Surge Bow Review: Is it Worth It?

PSE Surge Bow Review: Is it Worth It?

PSE surge compound bow is very brutal in its price range. This bow proves to be the best affordable bow than the previous brute X compound bow. The surge made a great impact in the market by its stability and ready to shoot feature. In this PSE surge bow review, I am going to talk about various factors that proves that surge is a phenomenal bow.

PSE Surge Specs

  • 350 Grain Arrows
  • 70 lbs. Draw Weight
  • 30" Draw Length
  • 320 FPS Speed Rating
  • No Hand Shock
  • Comfortable Raptor Grip
  • Inexpensive Compound Bow
  • Narrow Valley
  • Good For Hunting

PSE Surge String Length

Pse surge string length
AMO string length chart

String length is the length of string of the bow measure in AMO measurements and to identify string length, you just choose the AMO measurements.

AMO states that if you have a 58" bow then the string length should be 3" less that is 54". But in terms of quotation it prints as 58"/58" means bow size is 58" and AMO 58" (55").

PSE Surge Compound Bow Review : Price

Compound bows price depend upon many factors like:

  • Patents
  • Production cost
  • Design or Patterns
  • Advertising

Generally, these type of bows priced over $500 as per the quality of the bow.

PSE surge compound bow price is around $499.99 which is pretty affordable for such an amazing bow.

PSE Surge Accessories

  • PSE Surge Bow
  • Gemini Sight
  • Whisker Biscuit Rest
  • Flexxtech 3 Stabilizer
  • Shadow Quiver
  • PSE Neoprene Sling
  • Peep Sight
  • Nock Loop

PSE Surge Review: Draw Length Adjustment

Draw length is defined as the distance covered by the bowstring during a full bow draw. To determine the draw length, measure the distance from tip of your middle finger to other middle finger tip. And Minus 15 from the distance, then divide it by 2 to get your draw length.

Draw length can be adjusted by using different type of cams like:

  • Adjustable Cams
  • Draw Length Specific Cams
  • Modular Cams

Shooting Speed

PSE surge shoots at a speed of 320 FPS as per IBO ratings. Thrse ratings calculated with the use of 350 grain arrows, 30" draw length and 70 lbs. draw weight.

PSE Surge Compound Bow Review: Kinetic Energy

Kinetic energy is the main reason to generate power in bow. It depends upon the mass and speed of the arrow.

Pse surge kinetic energy
Kinetic energy for archery

You can calculate kinetic energy from this calculator by omnicalculator.

Noise Production

Noise production is very low in pse surge bow and this make it a good choice for hunting in the wild. There is no hand shock in surge compound bow.


That's the end of this pse surge bow review. I hope you like it and don't forget to share your queries in comment section or by an email.

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