How To Make A Bow In The Forest : Quick Guide

How To Make A Bow In The Forest

Make a bow in the forest is a difficult task if you are new in archery or bow hunting. Archers tend to practice shooting most of the time rather learning to build and upgrade a bow. Create a bow in the forest will increase the chances of survival as well as hunting in the forest. 
Make A Bow In The Forest
How To Make A Bow In The Forest

Is it easy to make a better bow in the forest? 

Yes may or may not be. 

As you are crafted a bow in the forest with the use of basic equipment available. This will not help you to make a modern bow in the forest. 

Today, in this article I will teach you to craft bow and arrow in the forest with basic pieces of equipment available and also I will share some techniques to get perfect in the art of creating a bow. 

What Do You Need? 

Wood: Choosing a good piece of wood is very important for arrow and bow. 

Preferred type of wood? 

You can use maple, red oak, walnut, ash, yew, etc. 
This wood is hard and provides you with enough stability in the bow crafted by you. So choose wood wisely. 

Bowstring: To make bowstring out of natural material, you can use plant fibres like inner bark of basswood, elm, or cherry trees. 

Other: Tools like a knife can also help create shape and size of bow and arrow along with crafting bowstring. 

Steps To Create A Bow In The Forest

To make an upgraded bow, follow these steps and also try to focus on minor details like edges, draw length, etc to make an effective bow. 

1) Choose hardwood for making a bow and try to focus on using wood material that I have recommended in the materials section like maple, red oak, black walnut wood, etc. Wood should be around 6 inches in length and try to find dry and deadwood. 

Why do you need hardwood? 

Hardwood helps you to shoot arrows at a faster pace and also helpful in designing a well-structured bow. 

2) Next step is to determine the natural curve of the wood. The natural curve will help you to make an effective bow with good curve easily which will save you time. 

The curve is very important for draw weight and a brace height of the bow. You can learn more about Brace height for bow here

3) This step is the most important step to find upper and lower limbs for your bow. Bow limbs help in the storage of energy when we generate by pulling the bowstring.

To find limbs of the bow just marks 3 to 4 inches above or below the centre of the bow. This will help you to determine the limbs of the bow. 

4) Now you have determined the limbs, the next step is to shape your bow.  

Keep in mind that limbs should be identical and try to make them flexible and thinner. 

Stand and hold your bow with a lower limb on the ground while the upper limb should be grabbed by your hands. 

Now try to determine the natural curve and make sure a good shape is maintained.  

Use your knife to remove the excess wood from the limbs and centre of the bow. 

Limbs should be flexible and make sure that the part which you will hold while shooting should be strong. 

Make notches at the end to stick bowstring. The bowstring can easily be created by the material I have suggested or you can use ready make bowstrings. 

5) Now tie the bowstring using a secure knot and try to get the bowstring smaller than the height of the unflexed bow. 

6) It's time to check your bow. Simply attach the bow on a tree branch and pull the string and check the bend, flexibility and curve of the bow. 

Now you have successfully created the bow with the use of primitive requirements. Note that this is a basic bow which can be used for short-range archery and hunting is possible only if you are experienced. If you have any questions related to make a bow in the forest then feel free to comment or you can email us. 

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