7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Bowhunting

7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Bowhunting


Bowhunting is an old age practise of hunting down animals in the wild.

It is a vast topic to understand for beginners in archery training. This FAQ based article will solve all queries about this topic.

We picked 7 most searched questions about bowhunting to help you.

Let's start with frequently asked questions.

How To Get Into Bowhunting?

You need a bow, arrow and other accessories for this hunting practise.

The basic need for bowhunting is a bow and arrow. Bows are of different types for this sport depending upon the function and structure of designing.

A compound bow is best for bow hunting.


A compound bow ( modern bow) is very good in terms of long-range shooting and aiming.

Whereas longbows and traditional bows are very troublesome to use for hunting.

Traditional bow lacks accuracy and other specs like strength, power, etc.

Is Bowhunting Legal In The Uk?

The bowhunt is legal in many areas of the map but in many countries, it is known to be illegal.

There are a lot of towns where it is legal process or veice-versa.

Bowhunting laws
Source: wikipedia.org

Bowhunting is found to be an illegal process according to Wildlife and countryside act 1981.

Can You Get A Bow Hunting License?

License for bowhunting is easily available for any country. You just have to apply for it and it will cost you around $20-150.

There are so many type of license available for hunting.

Refer to this site for license details.

When Does Bow Hunting Season Start?

Season plays an important role in bowhunt.

According to www.dnr.wi.gov hunting season for deer will start from Sept. 14 - Jan. 5, 2020.

For different animals, you can check above site for more details.

Why Bowhunting Is Better Than Rifle?

It is better than rifle in terms of many reason like noise production, skills improvement, etc.

A bow produces very less sound and provides better skills for effective hunting.

Rifle are great for long range shooting but they are not effective in term of skills improvement.

Which Bow Is Best For Bowhunting?

It is a very tough question to answer.


It all depends upon you to select a bow according to your budget or passion.

Usually, compound bows are better for professional bowhunting but for beginners longbows and traditional bows like recurve are great to start learning.

Where To Start Bow Hunting?

If you ask me this question,

I will suggest you invest your time in learning archery from any source.

This will improve archery skills which will be helpful in the hunting arena.

Don't start right away in the wild. You will waste your time and money both.

Refer to this post for bowhunting advantages.

What Is The Best Bow hunting Rangefinder?

Rangefinders are used to calculate distance of the target for a projectile drop.

They play an important role in hunting but laser rangefinders alerts the target and this is the main drawback for laser rangefinder.

Recommended rangefinders:

  • Bushnell The Truth
  • Nikon Arrow 7000
  • Nikon Scout DX 1000

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