Anchor Point For Archery: A Simple Guide

Anchor Point For Archery: A Simple Guide

Anchor Point For Archery
Anchor Point For Archery

Anchor point in archery is a reference point to full draw a bow in archery shooting. It is used to draw a bow and to aim accurately. For a perfect anchor point, bowstring should be touched to the nose and lips. It is the first step to start archery as a beginner.

A simple guide to finding your anchor point on archery shooting for beginners will help to improve aim as well as skills in bow shooting.

Anchor point will allow to shoot and aim better as well as improve the skills in traditional and compound bow release technique.

Let's start this guide without wasting your precious time.

How To Find Your Anchor Point?

Finding an anchor point is a very complicated task. You have to look for a lot of factors to decide a reference point for yourself.

Generally, the anchor point varies from person to person but basics are pretty much the same.

There are a lot of anchor points like the corner of the mouth, under the jaw or toward your eye.

In this simple guide, I will help you to find your anchor point for archery skills improvement.

Reference Point For Drawing A Bow

Corner Of The Mouth

For this point, bowstring should touch the nose and lips with an index finger pointing towards the corner of the mouth.

Anchor point must be at the proper position for the perfect aim. The too high or too low reference point will affect the aim.

High Or Low Anchor Point?

It depends on your peep sight.

Peep sight?

It is nothing but a hole in the bow string which helps an archer to ensure that there is adequate line of sight between eye, pin, and target.

How does peep sight help to find anchor point?

Draw the bow until it reaches the wall (endpoint) and the bowstring touches nose and lips.

After that see through the peep sight to ensure where the target is located.

It improves your aiming and helps you to adjust anchor point easily.

In Air Anchor Point

In the air, anchor makes it easy to practice archery as a beginner. In this reference point, full draw till it reaches the wall naturally and to the specific anchor point without touching it.

What makes this anchor better?

Practice does increase your power strokes and try to avoid touching your face or jaw or any anchor point during the practice session which will increase your ability to power up and down.

Under The Jaw

Under the jaw, anchor point makes you a better shooter. It is one of the most effective and used by many archers.

The reason which makes it a better anchor point is the power it generates in long-range shooting.

How to do it?

Draw the bow till it reaches the wall or natural end of the draw. Try to keep your index finger parallel to the jaw with bowstring touching the lips and tip of the nose.

Don't force the nose or lips to touch the bowstring. Try to keep everything naturally and stability is the key to expertise any anchor point.


There are a lot of anchor points like thumb release anchor point, wrist release anchor point, mouth anchor point. You can use any of the above anchor points based on your natural bow draw technique. Tell me your anchor point by commenting on this post or by an email.

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