Traditional Archery : Definitive Guide For Beginners

Today you're going to learn about traditional archery . Basically, traditional archery is defined as the type of archery in which bows are made up of traditional equipments like wood, fibre strings etc. History of traditional archery is very diverse and rules are pretty strict.

Traditional Archery : Definitive Guide For Beginners

The best part of this guide will be the detailed information about traditional archery.

1. What is Traditional Archery?

Traditional Archery is a form of archery in which bows and arrows are not precisely built as the technology was not available those days. This is a form of primitive archery which is used by the traditional archery society. This type of archery requires a lot of practice to increase accuracy by traditional archery anchor points.

Traditional Archery
Traditional Archery
  • How to shoot traditional archery
  • How to aim traditional archery
  • How to start traditional archery
  • How to learn traditional archery
  • How to practice traditional archery
  • How to make a traditional archery target

How To Shoot Traditional Archery?

Traditional Archery
Traditional Archery


keep your legs shoulder width apart and try to maintain this position as long as you can. This will improve your focus and will benefit you to improve your accuracy.

Hold Bow And Arrow

To hold bow and arrow, you have to maintain proper grip. There are several ways to hold arrow and bow but from my experience , use 3 fingers to hold arrow and another 3 for holding bow.

Hold this grip firmly and don't try to hold harder as this will make your body in vulnerable state. Slightly loose grip will do wonders.

Anchor Point

Anchor points are a great way to improve accuracy in traditional archery. Everyone have different anchor points depending upon their practice. Try this ultimate guide to find the best anchor point for drawing a bow.

Don't Panic

In panic situations like when the bowstring is too close towards your face or you are holding bow and arrow with hard grip, your body will be tensed and it will impact your accuracy.

Release Point

Release point is very effective in traditional archery when you want to hit target in less amount of time. Here is a pro tip for practicing release point: Draw the bow till it reach the anchor point and suddenly release the arrow from the grip. Use your anchor point as a release point.

Follow Through

Follow through is a great move to increase your focus and mind programming. To implement this move in your archery skills, you have to practice relaxing bow drawing hand after the release of arrow from the grip.

How To Aim Traditional Archery?

Traditional Archery
Traditional Archery

Firstly, follow the how to shoot traditional archery to learn the proper stance and bow holding grips.

To aim in traditional archery, you have to make sure that your stance is correct along with your basic grips.

After that try to maintain correct posture with proper control of your body in order to increase accuracy to hit targets. There are no sights or stabilizers in traditional archery so use your body as a traditional shooter.

keep one eye closed , proper control of body movements , release point will help you to aim accurately in traditional archery.

How To Start Traditional Archery?

Traditional Archery
Traditional Archery

Do you have interest in traditional archery?

Do you have patience to practice this ancient archery form?

If yes, then start you journey by building a traditional archery at home which will save you money and also very helpful to build interest in archery.

After building your first handmade bow , follow the ultimate guide to bows for beginners . This will clear all your doubts related to bows in archery.

How To Learn Traditional Archery?

Traditional Archery
Traditional Archery

Learning traditional archery takes more time than any other archery form. Traditional archery is ancient archery which means that you cannot implement the use of modern technologies to to master this form of archery.

For learning purpose you can read books, google searches, forums or youtube videos to gain enough knowledge about history, rules, equipments, etc.

I have also created a lot of articles for archery to get basic knowledge about this sport. Read some articles from archeryhacks to get started with the archery.

How To Practice Traditional Archery?

Traditional Archery
Traditional Archery

Learn archery from different sources and try to retain all tips and information in your head to implement during the practice session.

Easy way to practice : Get basic knowledge of archery like stance, aiming, anchor points ,release points and follow through. Then start doing practice on each skill for sufficient time to master that skill by using the power of subconscious mind.

How To Make Traditional Archery Target?

To make traditional archery targets at home, you need some of the things like foam , box , threads, etc. These materials are required according to the type of targets like bag archery targets, paper targets , block targets , etc. To build your own traditional archery targets , follow this detail guide about archery targets.

2. Traditional Archery Magazine

Traditional Archery
Traditional Archery

Primitive archery magazines are widely popular due to the traditional archery competitions. Archery magazines are a great way to get connected with archery trends. There are a lot of traditional archery magazines out there but i will provide you some of best archery magazines available in the market.

List of Magazines:

  • Stick and String Magazine
  • The Target
  • Bow Hunter Magazine
  • Trad Archery Magazine
  • Primitive Archer

3. Traditional Archery Sales

Buying traditional bow is also a great option to start leaning archery at higher pace. There are a lot of traditional archery websites which have traditional archery for sale or trade. Building your own bow is a good choice but that will take so much time and cost a bit money too. Buying a traditional bow will help you to focus more on practice and will help you to gain skills quickly.

Here is a list of some trusted archery buying websites:

4. Traditional Archer Quivers

Traditional Archery Quiver is an equipment in archery which is used to hold the arrows at one place to use them easily during practice sessions.

There are several type of quivers but the mostly used quivers are traditional archery side quivers and traditional archery back quivers. These two are mostly used quivers in archery.

You will get a lot of best deals to buy quivers online from the sites i listed above in traditional archery sales section.

Conclusion :

Traditional Archery is an ancient form of archery and it is widely popular in various countries like china, japan, india, etc. I hope you like this guide on traditional archery. If you have any question regarding traditional archery then feel free to comment here or contact us on

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