Ragim Recurve Black Bear Bows [Review]

Ragim Recurve Black Bear Bows [Review]

Ragim Recurve Black Bear Bows [Review]
Ragim Recurve Black Bear Bows [Review] 


Recurve bows are generally traditional bows which are very precise in terms of shooting and can be useful for beginners to enhance their effectiveness to boost their performance in target practice. 

Today in this article, you will get a detailed review on ragim recurve black bear bow which is highly recommended for archers who are looking for cheap and best bows in the market

In this review, you will get genuine thoughts on ragim recurve black bear bow based on the effectiveness according to distinguished features like quality, performance, attaching sights, stabilizers, berger buttons and durability. 

Ragim Recurve Black Bear Features :

Ragin black bear is packed with some reliable features which are very obvious for a bow to be a masterclass. 

1.Black bear comes with a mid range price tag which is proven to be a jump-start for archers who are just kicked in the sport of archery. 

2.The most prominent feature is the active limb tips. 

Active limb tips? 

Genearely, recurve bows are named according to the tips of the bow, which are curved away from an archer when the string is not attached. 


Active limb tips are meant to provide some impressive features like reduce stacking and increase arrow speed in recurve bows. 

3.Brace height matters a lot.

Brace height? 

It is nothing but the height between the string and the deepest part of the bow grip. 

Generally, shorter brace height helps to generate more power in the arrow to execute faster during a release. 

Ragim black bear brace height is around 6-7" which is not that bad according to me. 

4.It comes with a length of 58" which is very impressive for bow hunting. 

5.Ragim recurve black bear bow has remarkable black fiberglass laminations to add durability and performance. 

Ragim Recurve Black Bear [Basic Details] 

Dimensions : 58.8*7.5*2.2 inches
Weight.        : 3.15 pounds
Manufacturer: Western Sports Distribution
Brace Height : 6-7 inches

Conclusion :

I have used many ragim bows like ragim recurve black bear, ragim raven, ragim snow leopard bow but black bear comes with fascinating features. 

If you are a beginner or jumping towards traditional archery then it is the best recurve bow available at mid range price tag. 

Which recurve bows are you using or going to use? 

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