5 Undeniable Reasons Why Bow is Better Than Gun For Deer Hunting

5 Undeniable Reasons Why Bow is Better Than Gun For Deer Hunting

Bow Hunting Deer
Bow Hunting Deer

Archery started  long years back and it is one of the most practiced cultural activity. Basically, archery was invented to kill or hunt not as a sport. History of archery is very rich but now a days guns are overtaking them as guns are technically more powerful than any bow.

In this article, you will learn why bow is better than gun for deer hunting .

When i started my journey to bow hunting, i often thought that bows are inferior to guns regarding deer hunting. But later on as my journey continued, i learnt about bow and arrow a lot like bows have many features which can easily outperform guns in terms of deer hunting.

Today in this post i'll throw some solid reasons by which you can easily judge whether bows or guns are better for deer hunting. Wait a minute, i have some tips for you to learn why bow is better than gun for deer hunting. 

[TIPS] Bow Hunting For Beginners

Shot placement on deer with bow

Where to shoot a deer with a bow is mostly asked question by many hunters. To shoot a deer you have to get deer anatomy chart for shot placement. For quick tip : Try to take shot at the broadside position of deer. 

Bow hunting deer season

Bow hunting deer season is from september to early febuary, depending upon the species of deer. Try bow hunting during these two months.

Deer Hunting Stalking

The best advantage during deer hunting stalking is to know your terrain. It will help you to judge deer's behaviour. Also try to walk slowly heal to tow during the hunting session and try to focus on the behaviour of deer.

Let's move to our topic,

Reasons Why Bow is Better Than Gun For Deer Hunting

Reason 1: Bows Are Silent Than Guns

This is the main reason behind bows are better than guns. If you are a beginner in bow hunting then i will suggest you to stick to the bow and arrow for hunting. Archery will increase your hunting skills over time as you can take more shots on deer with a bow. No sound is always better in terms of hunting.

Reason 2: Bow = skills

Bow hunting will increase your overall archery skills. Assume while using a gun you just have to take aim , pull trigger and that's it. But in terms of bow and arrows, you have to predict the natural weather conditions like speed of wind, direction of wind, arrow to hit at the specific artery. 

Will these factors not increase your skills?

Absolutely yes, these will increase your archery hunting skills by far.

Reason 3: Improve [ Hand-Eye] Coordination

Do guns improve coordination?

 Yes, they improve but in terms of bows, guns are not that effective.  Let me explain,

Archery needs a lot of dedication and hardwork to improve your skills day by day. Archery is all about crossing hurdles in slow and steady pace. Whereas mastering guns and rifles need less time than archery. Guns are versatile and you can use them in different venues. Guns are somewhat easy to master.

From my point of view, archery is far better than shooting with guns or rifles to improve coordination of your body.

That's why bow is better than gun for deer hunting. 

Reason 4: Bows Are Cheaper Than Bow

Price is always a concern for a beginner to go with bows or guns. But in this case, going with bows are better as per my thinking.  See,

Guns are generally made to save time in learning as well as in hunting sessions. This makes them time saver but they are not providing you a bucket full of skills which matters a lot. An archer always looks for skills rather than going towards shortcuts.

  Bow is better than gun for deer hunting if you are comparing yourself with a newbie shooter which is holding a rifle with nice long range scope with less skills.

If you were in bow hunting for so long that you collected the basic skills and techniques for deer hunting then it's time to switch.

Reason 5: Accuracy

Well, if we look at guns they are brutal even if you slightly miss the shot from a particular aim on deer anatomy. Guns can be used if your aim is not that accurate.

The reason behind all the skills you need while learning hunting deer with bow is to increase accuracy. with bow you have to hit the specific artery of deer in order for instant death otherwise it will lead to slow death which is not a good sign. 


These are some reasons why bow is better than gun for deer hunting. If you have any questions regarding hunting with bow or gun then let me know by doing a comment here.

At last, a question for you : Which type of bow do you use for hunting and Why?

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