Barnett Lil Sioux Bow And Arrow Set Review [Genuine]

Barnett Lil Sioux Youth Bow Review : Here's What I Really Think! 

Barnett lil sioux claims to be the best youth bow for young archers.  It is pretty flexible and proven to be good in handling while running and aiming at moving targets. 


Hi,  I am Sam and today i'll be reviewing Barnett Lil Sioux Youth Bow and Arrow Set for little archers between 5 to 10 years of age. Barnette lil sioux bow and arrows set will be a good choice for archery as a beginner.

Few years back, my friend asked me to suggest a bow to jump-start in archery.  He was in low budget so i decided to suggest this barnett lil sioux youth bow.

My Review : Here's My Thoughts And Opinions On Barnett Lil Sioux Youth Bow

Is It Easy To Assemble? 

Assembling of bow is a real hardwork for any beginner. No child wants to setup their bow themself. To get out of this work, barnett lil sioux bow comes pre-assembled.

Barnett lil sioux string makes you to draw the bow and arrow very effectively withouy any setup process.  This is a pro point for Barnett lil sioux youth bow.

Barnett Lil Sioux Replacement String

You can use replacemnt string like Dacron string or the string which will come along with barnett bow and arrow set.  

Replacement of string is very handy and even a beginner can do that easily.  As the limb tips are not reinforced, don't even try to use flemish string. 

Barnett Lil Youth Bow Effectiveness 

Barnett lil youth is made for short range shooting.  It is powerful in around 25-30 yards with 1.5-1.6" grouping which makes it better in close range. 

What is grouping? 

Let's say you shoot 15-20 different arrows at a target and the group of arrows will be measured from the widest point, which is know to be grouping. 

You can improve grouping overtime by shooting as many arrows as possible to see some practical results. 

For Hunting Purpose? 

Generally, barnett lil sioux is made to perform archery in close range. This is due to the length of bow and the length of limb tips from the deepest point of a bow. 

This bow is not customized for long range accuracy so it is not for hunting purpose. 


This bow is made for beginners between 12-16 years of age. But instead of focusing on handling,  the bow is more optimised for just shooting only.  Grip of barnett is crafted with rubber and it feels very unrealistic making it difficult to handle. 

Archers,  Before buying Barnett Sioux Lil Youth don't expect anything from handling and comfortability. 

Items Available In Package

  • 2 Target Arrows
  • Finger Rollers
  • Pin Sight

Conclusion :

Cheap and affordable bow available in the market for childern around 10-16 years of age. Not made for hunting or long range shooting purpose and worst in handling and effectiveness of aiming with accuracy.

Beginners can buy this Barnett Lil Youth Bow but for intermediates it is not worth buying. 

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