Tips for Better Long-Range Accuracy - For Beginners

Tips for Better Long-Range Accuracy

 Tips for Better Long-Range Accuracy.Shooting isn’t necessarily all that easy as it may seem. One needs to pay attention to a number of factors to get it right. Here are a few tips that will help you achieve accuracy even when shooting over long ranges.

Tips for Better Long-Range Accuracy


Being comfortable while shooting is very essential, but having a perfect stance while shooting is absolutely necessary. One good practice position can be achieved by keeping the feet close, crouching and sitting on the heels of your feet. This can be extremely effective which practising, but it can be problematic too as it can lead to shaky hands. However, as we all know, practise makes a man perfect, and you’ll be able to shoot arrows accurately in no time.


Grip is one of the most important factors to keep in mind while buying a suitable long range weapon. If you want to shoot at long ranges with good accuracy, then you’ll need to understand the perfect grip of your weapon. For doing this, the first step is to find a bow which feels suitable for your hand. A bow with thinner grip often ensures more accuracy in the form of lesser torque. You can also lessen torque by removing the grips of the bow, which may however, result in lesser grip. Often, while shooting at long distances, gripping the handle tightly results in a steady hand.


For extra accuracy, an anchor point is really necessary. Many people believe that the lack of an anchor point can be compensated with the help of a kisser button at the suitable point on the bowstring of the weapon. But some are against this thought and they believe that a kisser button can distract the person while shooting. However, the best anchor point can be only found by shooting repeatedly and from experience.


When you’re shooting at long distances, then accuracy is a must. While many people assume that holding their breath while shooting can increase accuracy, they are mistaken. This can lead to even shakier hands, as holding breath can lead to less oxygen in the brain and visual problems in just 8 seconds. However, do not take deep breaths, just breath normally.

Confidence in Aiming and Execution

It may sound strange, but many expert archers believe that a person cannot much to increase his or her accuracy while shooting. Many factors become fixed while drawing the string and many factors cannot be controlled by us ever, like winds. So, the only thing that can ensure a perfect shot while drawing the string is to have confidence and deliver the bow to the target.


An unexpected release can be really accurate and effective. This is even more during long distance shootings. Extreme shaking during release can utterly ruin the entire shot. Experienced shooters have developed a subconscious reaction to release an unexpected shot and that too with accuracy. A mistake during release can make you miss by a few inches, so be careful and focused while releasing and practise a lot.


Proper time management is essential for the perfect shot. The urge of seeing the arrow’s shot or throwing the bow away immediately after shooting is common within many archers, but it must be avoided. It may be difficult, but you must keep aim until the arrow really hits the target.


These tips are expected to help you become a stealthy sharpshooter who can shoot the target accurately and easily. It may take some time, but it is really possible. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be shooting arrows at faraway targets like a pro.

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