The Best Anchor Point For Drawing A Bow : Archery Tips

Anchor point for archery helps improve your basic archery skills. Anchor point in archery enables an archer to know the proper technique for drawing a bow. An anchor point can be used in both traditional and compound archery which makes it an important skill to master for archery sport. There are basically many anchor points in archery that depends on your practice. So what is the best anchor point for drawing a bow?

The Best Anchor Point For Drawing A Bow
The Best Anchor Point For Drawing A Bow 

This article will help you to understand the basics of different types of anchor points used in archery. For better understanding, we will show you the best anchor points for drawing a bow for beginners to effectively train yourself to get better in the long run.

Anchor Point In Archery

Anchor point for archery is a crucial position in archery which helps to hold the bow at a place when archery fully draws a bow.

It has the same objective as the anchors used in the ships, that is to hold the ships at a place steadily.

Just like ships, an anchor point in archery helps to hold the bow by the alignment of the structure of the body instead of muscles.

In terms of archery, anchor points provide a stable holding position, improve archery stance, and also improves focus on the target.

There are a lot of anchor points and some of them are the best anchor point for drawing a bow. In this article, you will learn everything about them in detail. So let's begin your journey towards anchor point in archery.

Some Anchor Points For Archery 

Anchor point increases the accuracy to hit the target more effectively and it will improve the bow drawing skills of a beginner. Most commonly there are two types of anchor points, one is for beginners and the other one will be for advance archers. Practice and patience help to anchor in archery. Make your mind stable and relax in case you find some trouble to find your anchor in archery.

Corner Of The Mouth

This is the most commonly used anchor point for archers. Many trainers suggest this method for beginners to easily remember the anchor point. When pulling the string, the index finger should be directed towards the corner of the mouth. This anchor point is best for beginners and it will improve accuracy over time. It is going to be hard at first but keeps practising and you will get used to it.

Here is the question, Should bowstring touch your nose? 

It is not compulsory to touch your nose to the bowstring but there are some benefits like it provides another anchor point or contact that stabilize the bow and it can also help in the long-range accuracy in hunting session.

Don't touch your nose forcefully by shifting the neck forward, it can cause neck injury. Instead use a kisser button and try to use small kisser button as the distance between string and nose is very less.

The Jaw

Another anchor point is under your jaw. This anchor point is effective if you want to improve your accuracy and this is the main reason for the advance archers to enhance their shooting skills. Basically, you have to draw the bowstring and try to place an index finger under the jaw or try to point index finger towards the chin while drawing a bow. 

This anchor point is hard to master so I will recommend using the first method for beginners to improve aiming skills in archery.

This is the proper technique for anchoring the bow. I saw many beginners find difficulty to find proper anchoring reference. That's why I suggest under the jaw anchor point to them. You can use this reference point for outdoor as well as indoor archery and just focus on the form and it's good to go.

How to find your anchor point? 

An anchor point is a place where you draw back a bow by making contact with multiple positions on the face. 

Things you see in an incorrect form of the anchor point for archery are the high pressure on the nose by the string, hand too deep back with no anchor or floating anchor and the cheek lifts up. 

What is a floating anchor? 

A floating anchor point is nothing but can be two things like your hand floating back your head and the bowstring away from the nose. 

Don't do this anchor point but if you do then shorten your string loop and shorten your release. 

Here are some steps to achieve your anchor point in no time. 

1) Wrap the trigger by holding with an index finger. Keep in mind to place the trigger at the base of the index finger. 

2) Ready to draw back the bowstring and try to grab the bow steadily by applying optimum pressure. 

3) Now, as you draw the bow position your index finger under the jaw and try to place the thumb behind the tendon present on the neck. 

But if you feel uncomfortable placing the thumb behind the tendon then try to drop it down towards the palm of the hand. 

4) Now the string should be close to your chin and it should be touching your nose. 

So, this is the perfect way to find the anchor point for drawing a bow. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Anchor Points

1) Where is the best anchor point for drawing a bow? 

Anchor point for archery is the most common point to draw a bow. There are a lot of anchor points used by archers in archery. The basic need to find the best anchor point for drawing a bow is to follow some basic steps.

a) Tip of nose to string

b) The V of your hand on the jaw

c) A kisser button

Remember that to use more than one or two anchor points to boost your skills.

2) How do you anchor a recurve bow? 

There are a few minor things that change the recurve bow from other types of bow. Basically, the anchor point is where you point the string at your face. 

For recurve, Olympic bows anchor point should be under the jaw. Focus on the tab shelf underneath the jaw that limits the variance of up and down and try to keep that contact. 

3) How do you anchor with a wrist release? 

The trigger of the release should be at the base of the index finger to fully wrap the index finger on the trigger for more controlled shots.

An important tip to achieve the best anchor point for drawing a bow is to pull the bowstring towards your face rather than moving your face towards the string.

Your thumb should be under your cheekbone for better aim and your fingers should be relaxed with comfortable pressure on the face.

4) should bowstring touch your nose? 

For beginners, focus on pulling the string towards your nose for better position of anchor point and it provides a steady reference point to improve aim and focus on the target.

As you improve, you can skip this step but practice at the beginning will help you a lot.

5) What is back tension in archery? 

Back tension is defined as the tension produced by the contraction of rhomboids muscles present on the back just beneath the shoulder. 

Back tension helps an archer to hold the bow when it is fully drawn and improves the proper archery stance

6) Should I use a kisser button? 

Kisser button is a very important tool to determine the nock point. It helps to line up your peep sight. Just make sure to bring the kisser button at the corner of the lips and you can see the location of peep. 

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