The Best Anchor Point For Drawing A Bow : Archery Tips

Anchor point for archery helps improve your basic archery skills. Anchor point in archery enables an archer to know the proper technique for drawing a bow. Anchor point can be used in both traditional and compound archery which makes it an important skill to master for archery sport. There are basically many anchor points in archery that depends on your practice. So what is the best anchor point for drawing a bow?

The Best Anchor Point For Drawing A Bow
The Best Anchor Point For Drawing A Bow 

The best anchor point is at the corner of your mouth or it can be under the jaw. When drawing the bow, your index finger should be touching the corner of the mouth. This will improve your accuracy to hit the target and helps an archer to enhance their skills in archery.

This article will help you to understand the basics of different types of anchor points used in archery. For better understanding, we will show you the best anchor points for drawing a bow for beginners to effectively train yourself to get better in the long run.

What Is An Anchor Point?

The Anchor point is the point at which you touch your index finger when drawing a bow. Basically, the anchor point is at the corner of your mouth or it can be under your jaw, it depends on person to person. From my experience, it should be better to use the corner of your mouth as an anchor point. Using the corner of your mouth increases accuracy to hit the targets easily for beginners.

The Best Anchor Point For Drawing A Bow?

Anchor point increases the accuracy to hit the target more effectively and it will improve bow drawing skills of a beginner. Most commonly there are two types of anchor points, one is for beginners and the other one will be for advance archers .

Corner Of The Mouth

This is the most commonly used anchor point for archers. Many trainers suggest this method for beginners to easily remember the anchor point. When pulling the string, the index finger should be directing towards the corner of the mouth. This anchor point is best for beginners and it will improve accuracy over time. It is going to be hard at first but keep practicing and you will get used to it .

Under The Jaw

Another anchor point is under your jaw. This anchor point is effective if you want to improve your accuracy and this is the main reason for the advance archers to enhance their shooting skills. Basically, you have to draw the bow string and try to place index finger under the jaw or try to point index finger towards the chin while drawing a bow. This anchor point is hard to master so i will recommend using first method for beginners to improve aiming skills in archery.

Tips To Practice Anchor Points

Grip Bow Firmly

I have seen many people holding bow either too hard or too loose. The best way to hold bow is to hold gently with a firm hand so that the bow should not be hanging loosely.

Positioning Your Head

Your head should be straight everytime you draw the bow string. The anchor point will change if your head will be at different positions when drawing your bow.


The anchor points take time to master for beginners. So take your time and practice as much as you can. If you find this article helpful then feel free to subscribe to archeryhacks for more archery related stuff.

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